We’re a tech marketing and sales agency who understand the pain points of IT decision makers and the complexities of the customer buying journey.

As the extension of your marketing team, we focus on metrics to drive business results.

The Re-Evolution to the “Next Normal” of virtual events.

Our client was looking for our agency to deliver a standout campaign that delivered the client’s business solutions and delivered viable leads for sales team follow-up, but also delighted customers.

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Making the most of your Marketing Development Fund

The Re=Evolution to the "Next Normal" of virtual events

Live events management agency

Making the shift to live events

marketing agency live stream webcast production

Rethinking the way we create webinars

The Lead Harvest difference

365-day connected campaigns

Closed-loop sales and marketing

Media agnostic

We work with your existing structure

Your customers don’t cease to ease to exist just because you’re in-between marketing campaigns. So, it’s important that your business maintains 365-day connected communications to keep top of mind awareness with customers and prospects.


While every project is different, the principles behind our approach are the same


Our clients come to us with a sales or marketing issue such as empty sales pipeline, need to create awareness for their product or service, nurture current customers or re-engage inactive customers.


We work as an extension of your marketing team to provide end-to-end solutions. We’ll develop the concepts and execute to agreed metrics and KPIs  to help you achieve business goals and optimise Return on Advertising Spend.



We connect the dots we close the loop.  We’ll deliver 365-connected campaigns so that you can focus on closing sales opportunities rather than the tedious work involved in generating opportunities and MDF Proof of Executions.


We connect the dots and we close the loop. We bridge the sales and marketing gap by working closely with sales leaders to define and support a campaign specific lead follow-up process. We understand every marketing campaign is different; so we treat every follow-up execution with equal consideration.

Our tools of the trade

Digital Marketing

Grow a community, reach and engage an audience, or generate leads with targeted online communications.


Website & Mobile

Delivering content that works across varying screen sizes and platforms is paramount for surfing the net.


Tele Services

Establish connection with your prospects to identify hot leads for your sales team to follow up.



Establish credible and interesting social media presence and keep  on top of online conversations and drive leads.


CRM & Automation

Set-up, build, manage, track and optimise data to maximise revenue.

Content & Design

Good creative should contribute to business success and ultimately encourage customers to your business.


Enable face-to-face opportunities to engage with your prospects and  open doors for future business.


Sales Engagement

Empowering your sales team to convert valuable leads.