Connecting the dots to drive business results

We bridge the sales and marketing gap by working with your sales leaders to define and support a campaign specific lead follow-up process in order to maximise effectiveness and return on investment.

Generate more leads

Effectively reach your key prospects and progress your sales pipeline with fast-acting marketing solutions that cut through the clutter.


Get a message across 

Communicate a value proposition to the right target audience, at the right time.

Nurture prospects

Develop relationships with prospects and expedite the buying cycle by building brand and product preference.

Know your customers

We’ll help you to understand your customers, and create marketing communications that are relevant, interesting and engaging.

We understand I.T

In today’s crowded marketplace, marketers like you are on the continual pursuit of delivering qualified leads by developing solutions-focused campaigns with turbo-charged cut-through. The problem is, many agencies don’t always understand solutions marketing and the pain points of IT. On top of this, marketing professionals like you are pressured to deliver measurable, metri centric campaigns.



Message cut-through

“Content from Global Assets provided by my vendors are too product centric and don’t resonate with our target customers.”

“There’s not enough time and resources to execute our sales and marketing campaigns.”

“Our organisation is looking to produce innovative marketing campaigns that speaks the language of our target customers.”

Closed loop lead generation

“Our business is looking to acquire new leads.”

“We want to increase the share of wallet of current accounts.”

“We need to be able to effectively measure and forecast marketing ROI.”

“We’re generating leads, but conversion’s aren’t what we would like them to be.”

MDF Compliancy

“We have limited understanding of the MDF process.”

“There’s so much red tape that we must follow.”

“Our business doesn’t have enough time nor resources to execute and manage MDF submissions.”

“Branding guidelines are driving me up the wall.”

ROI and Measurement

We need to do more with less / shrinking budgets.”

“I need more metric centric campaigns and reporting.”

Lead Generation & Market Development

Key to the success of lead generation marketing campaign is to have cut-through. Your campaign’s content need to resonate with your target audience, and the go to market vehicles need to be strategically planned in order to maximise campaign reach.

Your customers also don’t just cease to exist just because you’re in-between marketing campaigns. So, it’s important that your business maintains 365-day connected communications to keep top of mind with your customers and prospects.

It’s the combination of considered strategy, smart creative, and on-point execution that sets Lead Harvest to produce best-of-breed campaigns.

Marketing Development Fund Optimisation


Marketing Development Fund (MDF) are a great way to provide added impetus to an organisation’s marketing budget, but are often seen as cumbersome.

IT resellers often speak of their limited understanding of the MDF process, and complain that strict vendor requirements limit the messaging they want to communicate. What’s more, there’s just not enough hours in the day to process and manage the submission and claims process.

That’s where Lead Harvest can help. We’ll work with the MDF vendor to ensure

  • messaging resonates with the campaign target audience with the required cut-through while remaining on-brand with both your organisation.
  • Pre-approvals for all communications needed to be submitted and approved prior to in-market release.
  • Logos, graphics, and content and brand messaging are applied to all the required creative executions and complies with the strict requirements of the MDF vendor
  • Detailed campaign metrics reporting required by POE while balancing the regulations stipulated by Australian Privacy law

Solutions Focused, closed-loop sales and marketing campaigns

Not all marketing agencies are created equal, and that’s especially true for IT solutions marketing.  The problem is, many agencies don’t always understand the pain points of IT. On top of this, marketing professionals like you are pressured to deliver measurable, metric centric campaigns in response to MDF requirements.

All too often, you’re provided marketing assets from your IT vendors, however they are often product-centric, listing specifications and features.

Lead Harvest is here to help – we’ve got an IT industry pedigree. It is by understanding the pain points of IT Decision makers and what drives their business decisions that we can develop a cut-through message.

Our tools of the trade

Digital Marketing

Grow a community, reach and engage an audience, or generate leads with targeted online communications.

CRM & Automation

Set-up, build, manage, track and optimise data to maximise revenue.

Content & Design

Good creative should contribute to business success and ultimately encourage customers to your business.

Website & Mobile

Delivering content that works across varying screen sizes and platforms is paramount for surfing the net.

Tele Services

Enable face-to-face opportunities to engage with your prospects and  open doors for future business.


Enable face-to-face opportunities to engage with your prospects and  open doors for future business.


Establish credible and interesting social media presence and keep  on top of online conversations and drive leads.

Sales Engagement

Empowering your sales team to convert valuable leads.

As the extension of your marketing team,
we’ll drive your end-to-end campaign management and deliver a closed-loop campaign.