Delivering qualified leads to build sales pipeline.

As there are multiple stakeholders within the decision making process of enterprise accounts, the client was looking to increase penetration of their contacts within their key acquisition accounts, but also generate leads. In addition, the client was looking to generate a list of opt-ins within a set of defined named account list for future nurture campaigns.

The Challenge

Deliver B.A.N.T. (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) qualified leads for a Mobile App Analytics company within a set of strictly defined set of targeted named enterprise-level accounts.

The Solution

Telemarketing to generate sales-ready qualified leads for the organisation’s internal sales team to generate specific pipeline targets.

The key strategies included:

  • Significant data mining and contact tracing to ensure the correct stakeholder contacts were identified
  • Locally-based telemarketing agents to deliver solutions-focused conversations
  • Stringent quality control with secondary calls to ensure leads passed are exactly qualified to the required specifications

How we made it happen

One of the key elements of success in this campaign was to correctly identify the relevant stakeholders within the organisation. While there were commonalities within an organisation’s structure, influencers, evaluators, and decision makers came from various departments and were not always common across all target accounts.

As a venture capital company, our client’s brand name was relatively new to the industry. Top of funnel-awareness campaign was executed to a target list of organisations. This included content syndication across various media platforms, social media advertising, and social selling via LinkedIn.
All inquiries were washed against the target list of identified contacts and passed to our telemarketing agents who were armed with solutions-based scripts, whitepapers, and case studies. In addition, agents were provided with a list of highly targeted contacts.

A critical success factor in the success of this campaign was the use of locally-based agents who understood the pain points of the target audiences. Conversations about solutions and how our client could assist them were the central message, and understanding the individual challenges faced by the organisations. Agents were able to get a deep understanding of the organisation as a whole as well as its individual employees’ pain points.

The Results
  • 120% attainment in Opt-Ins within a set of 300 named accounts
  • 135% BANT lead attainment, deriving over 200% pipeline attainment over 12 months