Standing room only for Oracle Storage at vForum Exhibition.

Businesses in today’s marketplace need to be innovative and agile to remain competitive. With the social distancing restrictions imposed on organisations, resilient organisations have had to make the shift from the physical to the virtual. The winners, however, were those businesses that have continually focused on the changing needs of their target customer base.

The Challenge

The objective of this campaign was to communicate the Oracle Storage brand proposition, by attracting and engaging as many exhibition delegates as possible. In addition, this campaign looked to garner interest and registrations for upcoming technical workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Solution

The foundations of this campaign revolved three main elements:

  1. Awareness of the Oracle Storage brand via social media, sponsored signed at the event, and guerilla marketing activities
  2. 360 degree theming of mortorsports and high-octane cars theming of the exhibition booth to create interest with the target audience, and also was relevant to the “Data in Action” message of the campaign
  3. Creating a buzz at the Oracle stand with high visibility gamification activities to attract and engage vistiors.
How we made it happen
  • End-to-end exhibition event and campaign management ranged from strategic messaging and concept to booth design and build, sponsor liaison, booth and internal stakeholder enablement, as well as social media and graphic design.
  • A motorsport race car theme was used to communicate the value proposition. Exhibition promotional staff wore “Pitt Crew” polos for easy identification, a race track was installed in the exhibit which was used to demonstrate the Oracle’s “Data In Action” and how it related to real world business solutions
  • An Oracle Storage VIP car pick-up and drop-off service from Central station to the exhibition venue provided an efficient way of connecting with target customers, and also helped to promote the Oracle Storage brand name to all event attendees via guerilla marketing
  • Gamification was used extensively to attract and engage stand visitors. Competition entry required filling out a lead form, which gave entrants the opportunity to win some great prizes including drones, remote control cars, thrill ride experiences and more. The competitions had the objective of engaging as many people as possible with a low time-outlay commitment requirement, with special focus during breakout periods. In order to capture the most attention as possible, competitions were highly visual and involved a level of theatrics/
  • Those who did not win major prizes received consolation prizes such Oracle branded notepads, pens and caps so no one left the stand empty-handed.
  • Social media pre-event hype also encouraged customers to visit the Oracle stand, with strategic sponsored signage at the event to also further increase brand visibility
  • One of the key elements to this campaign were the highly trained exhibition booth staff. Considered time and consideration were given to ensure booth staff were friendly, personable, and also were trained in being able to greet visitors and pass on inquiries to relevant technical staff where required. Promotional staff training at the exhibition booth.
The Results
  • 120% lead attainment and scanned visitors
  • 130%+ attainment event registrations to Oracle Storage workshops
  • The most visited exhibition booth at vForum that year (only second to the coffee cart)