Understanding the pain points of I.T. decision makers.

Not all marketing agencies are created equal, and that’s especially true for I.T. solutions marketing. The problem is, many agencies don’t always understand the pain points of I.T. decision makers. On top of this, marketing professionals are pressured to deliver measurable, metric centric campaigns in response to MDF requirements.

The Challenge

Our agency was tasked to provide strategy, tactics and execution to deliver a campaign to best demonstrate Intuit Technologies and Dell Technologies as the go-to partnership of choice for potential customers.

The Solution

Key to the success of the campaign was having a dedicated campaign advisor to provide stewardship and guidance on strategy and execution tactics, backed by a solid account manager to deliver expectations on time, and on budget. This required in-depth knowledge of the I.T. landscape, a true understanding of pain points of I.T. decision makers and the complexities of the customer buying journey.

The key tactics to deliver expectations included:

  • Exclusive, white-glove customer experience throughout the campaign to emphasise their value as key customers
  • A drawcard speaker that delivered content that was truly relevant to the audience, but also aligned with the key messages of the clients’ business proposition
  • Carefully curated content and campaign execution tactics to keep attendees interested throughout the live webcast
  • Drop out minimisation tactics to optimise investments in securing interested registrants

How we made it happen

Alignment of objectives and expectations was achieved with a campaign kick-off meeting with key stakeholders. This allowed us to effectively propose activities that were best fit not only for the client, but also for the potential end-user target customer.

Attendee engagement was a high priority and this was achieved by delivering webcast content that not only addressed the pain points of the attendees, but also provided real insights and practical solutions to assist them on their digital journey. This was achieved by a solutions focused webcast delivery.

Our partnership with a consulting organisation that would present real and valuable insights also played a major role in delivering a message to attendees. Not only did the presentation perfectly align with the messaging of the client’s solution offering, but also provided attendees with valuable information that they could take back to their businesses to optimise operations in their business. Speaking on business continuity, the keynote speaker discussed the need of resilience and the key considerations needed to achieve this. The key here was to provide attendees with value in appreciation of taking the time to attend; and the high numbers of questions during Q&A were clear testimony to the engagement and relevancy of content.

To ensure optimal return on investment on attendee generation, a number of tactics to minimise registrant drop-outs were also used:

  • Ensuring registrants time were locked in by sending them personalised outlook invitations rather “Add to Outlook” buttons
  • Initiating registrant engagement with follow-up reminder calls that asked about their business pain points which were subsequently covered in the webcast.
  • Gamification with a leaderboard competition (and prizes) that incentivised engagement and help retain attention throughout the webcast
  • A strong digital communication plan including confirmation emails, reminders and SMS that promoted one-click responses and optimised engagement
  • The added incentive of a packed lunch conveniently delivered to registrants with collateral communicating the key value proposition of the webcast
The Results

The campaign was successful in terms of metrics attainment and feedback from sponsors and event attendees.

  • 225% attendance attainment
  • 100% attendee participation in the leaderboard gamification
  • 100% achievement of Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
  • 5 out of 5 rating of customer experience