Extending the life of your event marketing campaign

Events are a great vehicle to generate leads. Often requiring a significant investment of marketing funds, it is imperative that ROI is maximised by extending the life of your event marketing campaign.

The Challenge

As part of their acquisition go-to-market strategy, Staples was looking to hold a national roadshow to showcase their IT capabilities and partner alliances. They wanted a vehicle not only to connect with current customers, but also an opportunity to acquire new business by demonstrating their ability to find solutions to business’ needs. This meant a significant investment in marketing funds for the quarter, and the need to optimise ROI was of paramount concern.


The Solution

Lead Harvest helped Staples Technology Solutions optimise their ROI for the quarter by extending the life of their events. An end-to-end event campaign program was set up: pre-event communications that maximised engagement all the way to post-event executions that nurtured prospects and customers.

The key marketing tactics included:

  • High-Value Direct Mail targeting named key acquisition accounts in the lead up to the event
  • Digital advertising targeting IT decision makers and reaffirm current go-to-market messaging
  • 6-city national roadshow showcasing Staples Technology Solutions and Partner IT capabilities
  • Follow-up Executive Roundtable Events to nurture and convert qualified leads and help customers make the most informed choice during their buying cycle
  • Long-term telemarketing to identify and acquire qualified leads, as well as nurture marketing leads to ensure continuous lead funnel throughout
  • Sales Team engagement to optimise conversion rates and thus maximising revenue and ROI

By delivering a campaign across several months, Staples was able to optimise cut-through and significant mindshare across the target audience.

How we made it happen…

Key to the success of this project was to optimise engagement early and continued engagement deploying the four Lead Harvest event pillars:

  • event and marketing campaign strategy to plan a path to success
  • event marketing to maximise awareness and engagement
  • flawless event management to give attendees a unique experience
  • follow-up and nurture to close the loops between sales and marketing

An important component of the campaign was to optimise customer engagement early in the campaign. Awareness via high impact online advertising with business-needs messaging and calling out IT and business challenges helped to evoke interest and brought a markedly higher than average click through rate.

Campaign spend was also optimised by strategic targeting of key target accounts via LinkedIn. Rather than a spray and pray approach, a list of key accounts was compiled and the key IT decision makers of each account were targeted with syndicated content and banner advertising.

Social media content and advertising were also leveraged to create awareness and encourage engagement before the event. This had a twofold effect: it helped to develop Staples Technology Solutions as a credible technology partner, but also provided the much needed touchpoints to help keep the key messages top-of mind with target customers.

Executive Roundtables were held to nurture leads and extend the life of the main event series. This helped to provide IT credibility for Staples Technology Solutions, while also assisting sales team close business faster engaging more decision makers.

In addition, a solid program of blogs, social media posts and syndicated advertising were used to ensure continued communications with the target audiences up to over 3 months after the event series. The release of whitepapers, sharing of relevant and interesting information further assisted in keeping Staples Technology Solutions top of mind to that target audience.

Throughout the course of the event campaign, Lead Harvest met with sales and marketing leaders weekly. This helped to ensure that all key stakeholders were informed, and effectively had buy-in and sponsorship on an internal management level.


The Results

  • 210% registration target attainment and 130% event attendance attainment at the National Roadshow
  • 142% audience attendance reach via social media
  • 170% target attainment of sales qualified leads, resulting in 150% revenue attainment
  • 100% achievement of Marketing Development Funds (MDF)